Office of the Sun Sonata is now in new premises.

From now on you will find us on the second floor at Villa Sol. Entrance through the staircase of the house, door code – 05.

The windows of the office are perfectly visible to those who taste pizza baked in a wood-fired oven of Velvetti restaurant, or who work in the municipality or are returning by Vilnius Avenue from Snow Arena or the water park. According to Sigita Čepulienė, Head of Customer Services: “This is the fifth office of Saulės Sonata, where we discuss not only the purchase of apartments for yourself, your family or for investments, but also we provide interior design services, from furniture to textiles and small interior details. This is where we build the home you want to be. ”

We invite you for a cup of tea. Call and make an appointment: +370 610 08989. We are open on weekends as well.

Countries where a second home is worth buying

Even after the real estate tax is introduced, real estate investment will not be significantly reduced – confident professionals. We share an article posted on


Weekly newspaper My Druskininkai writes about us

We believe that the interior reflects our lives. Therefore, every interior of the “Sonata of the Sun” can become exclusive, leaving the prospective owner space to bring in something distinctive, unique. Read more in the weekly newspaper My Druskininkai on page 6. http: //…/up…/2019/08/MDR0807_maz.pdf


The architekture park is still growing in Druskininkai

Cultural center of Druskininkai
New cultural center of Druskininkai (Project visualization, photo by A.Karaliūnas

We are pleased to announce that the Druskininkai City Municipality confirmed a Significant Project – а new Cultural Center in the very center of Druskininkai. The new Cultural Center will be located very cloce – only few minutes walk from Saules Sonata.

The project will be financed by the Druskininkai Municipality, the European Union and the State Investment Programme. The duration of the project is 3 years, its end is scheduled for 2021. In the same year, a particularly important event will be organized in Druskininkai – XI World Lithuanian Sports Games.


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