Poilsio apartamentai | Saulės Sonata

  • Safety and Security

    Rest assured that only people who are welcome will cross your threshold. The stairwells are equipped with intercoms and motion sensor lights and each apartment has a security alarm system.

    The entire outdoor area of the complex is lit during evening hours, so that you can feel secure even late at night sitting on a bench in your backyard.

  • Beautiful Grounds

    The areas between buildings aren’t meant for cars, but for people and greenery. The ancient trees of the park were preserved during the building of Sonata of the Sun. The entire development resembles a British style park with a regularly maintained lawn, walking paths and ornamental plants.

    So, where do you put your automobile? They’re hidden in a two story underground garage.

  • Aesthetics

    The architects and designers thought through every single exterior and interior design detail. All of the apartments are spacious and full of light because the ceilings are 2.85 m. high, the windows are large and there are terraces or balconies. The natural interior colors were chosen for their harmony and are very peaceful. A feeling of space, curtains gently blowing in the breeze and the rustle of leaves from the maple trees in the ancient park will allow you to imagine that you are on one large terrace. The villas are situated so that they do not block one another and personal privacy is ensured. A full team of experienced architects contributed towards the original design of the complex: R. Palekas, A. Palekienė, A. Natkevičiūtė, G. Klimavičius, I. Gudaitis, R. Ambrasienė and others.

  • Comfort

    Residents of Sonata of the Sun will be truly comfortable every single day.

    All of the 1-4 room apartments are logically laid out and every single corner is skillfully used. The kitchen and living space are in a single open area so that friends and family can spend more time together and enjoy each other’s company.

    There is a separate area for storing all of the equipment you need for your leisure time: bikes, skis or jars for homemade jam.

    The apartments are warm and cozy. Since the wooden floors are heated in the winter, you’ll be able to watch the falling snowflakes through your window while standing there in your bare feet. You can control the entire heating system by SMS messages: if you plan to be away, just send a text message by phone and return to a warm home.

  • Location

    The complex of original architectural design is located in the center of the resort town, in a 100 year old park. Everything needed to make your life easier and your leisure time more fulfilling is located within a 5 minute walk: shopping centers, cafes, a recreation area, the Musical Fountain, a water park, the Nemunas River, Lake Druskonis, the Vijūnėlė Pond with biking and walking paths. Leisure and wellness centers are located next to the complex. The Snow Arena with indoor ski slopes is located just across the Nemunas River and can be reached by cable car.

  • System Management

    Every apartment has a remote controlled heating system. You can choose the heating program that best suits your needs via an app or a text message and turn off the heat when you leave as well as turn it on so that you return to a warm home. This ensures not only your comfort, but cuts your heating costs as well.

    When you leave your home and turn on the security alarm system, all of the water valves are immediately turned off so that you can rest assured that your floors and those of your neighbors will always stay dry.

  • Turnkey Homes

    The apartments are completely finished with built in kitchen cabinets, household appliances, lighting, bathroom fixtures and dressing rooms, so that you can move in immediately after signing a purchase agreement and not have to waste time on installation work. You need only pick out your furnishings and the design details that suit your own taste. If you wish, a Sonata of the Sun interior designer is available to assist you.

    • Air conditioning system
    • Lighting system
    • Heated wooden floors
    • German appliances
    • Faucets
    • Remote heating control system

  • High-quality materials

    For construction and installation of apartments only qualitative, health-friendly and non-allergenic materials are used. Installed 2 camera aluminium profile windows are attributes of natural breathing and durability. Special attention is paid to the sound and heat insulation – durable ventilated facade is insulated with rock wool and the outer walls – with double brick blocks with sound insulation. It is very important that the house would be warm and nice.

  • Social Responsibility

    • We place great importance on environmental sustainability every step of the way
    • Eco friendly materials
    • Energy saving systems
    • Preservation of ancient trees

  • Continuous Care

    After signing the purchase agreement, our communication with You doesn’t stop, it just keep getting stronger. We advice on apartment interior design, maintenance, rent and other varios issues. Whereas the buildings administration company, with which the residents sign a contract, takes care of the constant maintenance of the buildings and the surrounding areas. The company’s team knows when to mow the grass or rake the leaves, when to change a light bulb or fix a broken gate. You can find the contacts of the buildings administration company here.

    Contacts of the buildings administration company: +370 612  07941, +370 5 2736607, e-mail: prieziura@inservis.lt

Design Concept

The seven villas in the complex are named DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, SI for composer M.K. Čiurlionis’ series of four paintings named Sonata of the Sun and the sculptures of musical notes nearby. An full team of architects worked on the concept that all of the different and original villas connected by British style park-like grounds blend into one distinct architectural ensemble.

This development and turnkey apartments are for those who value high quality, comfort and aesthetics; for those who like culture, nature and enjoy either active or quiet leisure time. The Sonata of the Sun apartments can be your cozy residence, holiday home or a solid investment. The villas are less than a two hour drive from Vilnius or Kaunas.


The apartments are completely outfitted with built in kitchen cabinets, household appliances, lights, bathrooms and dressing rooms so that you can move in immediately. Quality has been assured throughout the entire design and building process from the planning stage to construction and the smallest interior design detail. High quality, sustainable materials were used throughout the interior. All of the apartments are spacious and bright with 2.85 m high ceilings, large windows and a terrace or balcony. The villas are situated so that they do not block one another and residents can take in the beautiful views of the old park through their windows.

Smart systems make life at Sonata of the Sun even more comfortable. You will be able to control the temperature in your apartment with a phone app or an SMS message. The water valve cut off system is integrated into the security alarm system so that your neighbors’ ceilings will always stay dry.

  • Quiet, but never boring…

    Druskininkai is an exceptional resort town that is open year round. People come here to rest, enjoy the outdoors, listen to music, play sports and attend concerts. Lithuanians and foreign guests come here to rest from the noise of big cities, celebrate annual events and breathe the fresh air of the Dzukija region’s forests.

  • Cultural Tourism

    The resort has been focusing on expanding cultural tourism internationally for quite some time. A modern multi-functional cultural and convention center for international events is slated for completion by 2020. Renovations are in the plans for the airport as well.

  • Health and Wellness

    It’s only a few minutes walk for those living at Sonata of the Sun to wellness centers, the water park or a mineral water spring. Eight spas and health centers are all close by. The mineral springs of Druskininkai, therapeutic mud baths, the fresh scent of pine needles in the air and the hands of highly skilled specialists truly work miracles.

  • Healthcare

    First class massage specialists and doctors are readily available in Druskininkai. You can rest assured that you and your family’s health is in good hands.

  • Active Leisure

    Druskininkai resort has golf and tennis courts, renovated biking trails. Here you will find the only indoor ski slope in Lithuania “Snow Arena” which is open all year long. In the summer you can enjoy swimming in the lake and the pond. Play sports with your family, friends or neighbors!

  • Events

    There is always something going on once you leave Sonata of the Sun’s peaceful oasis: fairs, festivals, city ceremonies, concerts and cultural events. The Druskininkai and M.K. Čiurlionis Museums offer educational programs and special events. During the summer, Druskininkai is filled with the sound of concerts and plays.

  • Nutrition

    Those who are concerned with a healthy diet will benefit from and enjoy natural produce from local farmers, regional mushrooms, berries and jams.

  • Nature

    The pure air of the Dzukija region’s pine forests is ever more important as allergies become prevalent among adults and children. Spiritual calm can be restored by going for a walk along the edge of the mist- shrouded lake.

  • M. K. Čiurlionis

    The most prominent Lithuanian artist and composer ever born, Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis spent his childhood in Druskininkai where he learned to play piano under his father’s tutelage. You might even hear echoes of his music at Sonata of the Sun. The M.K. Čiurlionis Museum is close by.



Prime Real Estate started business in 1993 as a broker and real estate consultant. Since 2004, it has been active in developing real estate projects exclusively in the most beautiful of Lithuania’s resort towns. The company has a highly specialized focus developing integrated, turnkey residential and holiday homes in the Lithuanian resort areas of Neringa, Druskininkai and Birštonas. Projects are funded by the developer. Prime Real Estate projects meet the highest architectural standards of function and quality. They are developers in only the best resort areas. Striving for the utmost harmony in their architectural decisions, the company always pays particular attention to the resort towns’ signature specialties, landscape, cultural and historical heritage. The projects that they undertake and complete carry an added long-term value.

The Sonata of the Sun project in Druskininkai was voted the best Holiday Home Project by the professional City 24.lt competition in Lithuania in 2008. After the successful completion of their Vila Nova project in Pervalka (Neringa), they also merited the best Holiday Home award in 2007.


Good Business Practice

Abiding by the principles of good business practice, the developer of the property, Prime Real Estate, has provided financing for the project with its own funds or through bank loans.

When an advance reservation is made and after a preliminary purchase contract is signed, the buyer’s advance payment is deposited in an special escrow bank account. These funds cannot be used by the seller until the purchase contract has been notarized and the buyer has taken possession of the real estate.

This built-in consumer protection measure ensures that Prime Real Estate is just as concerned as the buyer in a quality product and in transferring the apartment to the buyer under the terms and conditions of the agreement.